Sunday, June 14, 2015

Just As I Am

Sunday morning used to be my favourite time of the week. I still enjoy it, but it's not what it used to be (by my own choice) and this transition/adjustment time is proving harder to swallow than I had hoped. However, we keep calm (for the most part) and carry on...

We got to church this morning with a few minutes to spare, so I was able to deliver my boys to their Sunday School classes and find a place in the back corner of the balcony before the service started. My choice of seat was indicative of the condition of my heart as I approached worship. I was tremendously looking forward to witnessing the baptisms of two dear friends, but except for that joyous event, my heart was not really there. Then the worship team came on stage and began to play. Just a few moments in, it became brilliantly clear that I was exactly where I needed to be.

"Come, Now is the Time to Worship" was the first song in the worship line-up - an oldie but a goodie. I've probably sung that particular song a hundred times - maybe more - but today, the third line hit me good and hard, as if I'd never heard it before. The lyric is "come, just as you are, to worship". As I sang those familiar words, I was immediately and simultaneously aware of both the sad, sinful state of my heart and of God's beautiful, redeeming presence as I brought my feeble, half-hearted sacrifice of praise. A holy chill tingled through me, and I knew that God was right there, proving by His presence in that moment that yes, He actually does accept me, love me - just as I am. I went on to experience a wonderful time of worship, my heart filling and overflowing with gratitude and joy in His goodness and grace.

When I started writing this post, I wasn't planning on sharing another song. But there's one that fits here so well, I can't resist. Makes sense, I guess - all these songs are a reflection of where my heart is and what God is doing in my life right now. I'm so thankful for and amazed by His unconditional, unending, unchanging, unfathomable love!

(by Joy Feltmate)

You Father me so tenderly
So gentle, precious, pure
Your love knows no end
My Saviour, my Friend
Your kindness and grace will endure

So beautiful, Your father heart
Such love I've never known
Accepted freely from the start
In Your arms I'm home

Your love so sweet, Your voice so soft
You guide me with Your peace
Your presence I know
You won't let me go
Your passion and care never cease

Your love is high and deep and wide
You call me deeper still
I'm satisfied
Here at Your side
I don't have a need You won't fill

So beautiful, Your father heart
Such love I've never known
Accepted freely from the start
In Your arms I'm home

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  1. I love that worship song too! Isn't God so good? He has met me in the exact place and I have worshipped like never before; He seems so close at those times. The lyrics you wrote are beautiful. I can't wait to hear you singing your own songs!