Saturday, December 8, 2018

Better Together

It's a big day here at (the) real joy! About a year or so ago, God planted a tiny seed of an idea in my heart. It's been germinating and sprouting and growing along with me as I discover and explore who God has made me to be and what His call is on my life. I believe that today is the day to reveal it!

As I've been traveling this path of discovery and recovery and healing and growth over the past eight years, I've had the strong impression that the fruits of it all weren't just for me, for my own benefit and joy; that they were meant to be shared and multiplied. 

And so, with much careful planning, preparation and prayer, I'm launching a new venture. It's called "The Real You", a counselling practice in which I'm offering a fresh mix of traditional psychology, life coaching and spiritual guidance. My goal is to walk with you, helping you uncover and develop your true, authentic, best self. 

What might this look like? Each journey will be as unique as the person who walks it. We might delve into your past to examine your hurts, habits and hang-ups; replace old lies with new truths; challenge unhealthy thought patterns; look at how the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual work together for overall optimal fitness; establish goals and accountability... Each journey will be tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of the individual. We might travel together for a few weeks, several months, a year or more - flexible and specific is the name of the game. 

Here's the nitty-gritty: This service will be offered online via the (free) Zoom platform, making it possible to meet with pretty much anyone from anywhere - men, women and youth. In addition to weekly hour-long sessions, I will be available through email and text for extra discussion and support. The cost of this service is fifty dollars per session, payable through e-transfer. Sessions will be offered evenings and weekends at the availability of both parties. Our first meeting will be at no cost, and will be used to determine whether what I have to offer is what you're looking for. 

And what do I have to offer, exactly? Over the years, I've taken courses in psychology, life coaching and spiritual formation and leadership and have applied these in a variety of non-professional counselling relationships. I've also been on a very intentional journey of my own - that has included professional counselling - and have experienced breakthroughs and healing in many areas, including mental health, self-image, food addiction, marital issues, abuse, fear, trust, control and more. 

I really want to do my little bit to end the stigma that surrounds mental heath and counselling - especially in Christian circles. My heart's greatest desire is to take what I've learned and lived and use it to help others achieve breakthrough and recovery - AND peace and hope and joy and love and power and success and confidence and freedom! Who doesn't want that?! 

(If you think you or someone you love could benefit from what I'm offering, please contact me at - it could be your first step in a life-changing journey!)